If You're Looking For Something New To Do
In Denver,
Here Are a Few Things Off The Beaten Path

by Mary Lou

Tired of being predictable? Looking for something different to do? New to Denver? How about something a bit off of the beaten track?
Okay, maybe not this far off the track, but different and fun.


The Syntax Psychic Opera

The Syntax Psychic Opera has a bit of something for everyone – interesting menu including a few vegan offerings, Happy Hour from 4 to 7 daily with cheap drinks and some yum sounding bar food such as a baked avocado and Navaho Fry Bread among other palate pleasers. Dinner is available as is early and late entertainment.
Opera on Tap performs there monthly, as does Live American Jazz and comedy that will leave you in stitches. A beautiful space with a variety of entertainment options. 554 South Broadway in Denver is the place to start your search.

Mutiny Information Cafe

Did you know about the Mutiny Information Café? It’s found at 2 South Broadway and its present incarnation is a bookstore with a couple of twists. Books of all genres will be found, as well as records, comics, and a pinball table. Grab a coffee and a window seat to watch the world go by. Be sure to check out their upcoming events online.


The Clocktower Cabaret

The Clocktower Cabaret is home to an array of live entertainment. You’ll find it at the historic D & F Tower on the 16th Street Mall. Hold on Alice, you’re falling down the rabbit hole of comedy, drag, circus, dance, music, burlesque in a unique vintage setting


Babi Yar Park

If you thought that a memorial to over 200,000 victims of the Nazi regime would not be a peaceful and beautiful place for a visit, you have not been to Babi Yar Park yet.
Designed by Satoru Nishita and Lawrence Halprin, this 27-acre memorial park commemorates the victims of the 1941-1943 massacre of Ukrainian Jews and others in Kiev. The entrance takes you through a narrow path between two inscribed black granite monoliths. The park is arranged around a centralized walkway configured as a Star of David. The amphitheater known as People’s Place is surrounded by a circular Grove of Remembrance consisting of 100 lindens representing the martyrs of Babi Yar. You’ll find the park at 10451 East Yale Avenue.

Washington Park Neighborhood Cycling

Are you an avid cyclist? Would you like to be? The Washington Park Neighborhood offers a 2.27 mile perimeter around it’s recreation area. The trail is bordered by the lovely Washington Park Neighborhood, arguably THE place to live in Denver. The path works for all levels of cycling. A neophyte will enjoy the short excursion, while the veteran will appreciate the opportunity to increase stamina and endurance. Near South Downing and East Louisiana Ave.

Boulder's Pearl Street Mall

In the mood for a scenic drive? Head to Boulder. While there spend some time at the undeniably fun Pearl Street Mall.
You won’t find an anonymous box with the same ol’ stores. The Pearl Street Mall is an eclectic mix of shops, pubs, street performers, eateries, and one of the best people watching spots in the area. This pedestrian mall encompasses four blocks on Pearl Street, between 11th and 15th.

Soiled Dove Underground

An interesting place to enjoy some comedy or a concert is the Soiled Dove Underground (run by Tavern Hospitality Group) found in the heart of the Lowry Landmark Urban Community at 7401 East 1st. Ave, Denver. They offer an average of 3 shows per week, and with cocktails to enjoy and appetizers to savor going underground for the night is a brilliant idea for date night or guys/girls night out. A nice touch is the free parking for Tavern guests behind the building.